Gen z

Redesigning For Gen Z Employees

Generation Z, born between 1997 – 2012, are starting to enter the workforce, and with that, there are some things this generation is looking to have in their office setting. With technology being the focus for their age, they are well acquainted with the ever-changing landscape of it, and since most of the generation spent…

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Are Individual Workplaces The Biggest Perk?

The biggest driver for wanting to work in the office is to collaborate with the team and connect. However, one thing that is lacking is privacy within the office. It’s also necessary to have time for individual work so that there can continue to be productivity. With hybrid being an option for many companies, there…

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Human Connection In The Workplace

Human connection is an integral part of life, so there should be an emphasis on creating spaces that foster connection within the workplace. With hybrid work on the rise, there is a need to keep employees and their colleagues connected and collaborating. Keeping the connection alive allows people to feel comfortable asking their colleagues for…

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Rethinking Healthcare Spaces

Healthcare spaces are often overlooked when it comes to interior design, but it could be one of the most important spaces to consider. For many, waiting rooms are just a place to wait until it is time for your annual checkup, but for others, it could be a place they are anxiously awaiting news about…

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Coworkers having conversation in hall of workplace

Amenities Worth Offering

As we all know, the pandemic significantly changed the landscape of the workplace. Three years post-pandemic and there hasn’t been as big of a rebound back into the office. This has led to companies offering more than necessary amenities that may not be the right fit for their employees. So, how does a company get…

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The Power Of Choice

The Power Of Choice

As the workplace has evolved over the last few years, companies continue offering their employees more choices. Choices like working in the office or remote or offering a multitude of different work environments. But is there such a thing as too many choices? Here are some options we believe are the most impactful for your…

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Aerial view of Cincinnati Ohio

From Sports Stadiums To Sustainable Environments

Live sports have significantly changed over the last few years and post-pandemic. Coupled with the change in technology and ability to live stream, sports organizations are looking to make changes to keep their in-person audiences engaged and attending events. More so, sports venues are becoming multi-faceted, creating more than just a place to watch sports…

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Rethinking The Home Office Design

People are working from home more now than ever before, and with that, light has been shed on the importance of a workstation for personal and professional use within the home. During the pandemic, most individuals had to devise a quick solution for working from home, resulting in purchasing furniture that was only convenient and…

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Unproductivity, The New Era of Work

Some might think productivity is the biggest goal for organizations regarding their employees, but a trend for unproductivity has recently popped up. During these “unproductive” times, people seek more time with their mentors or seek feedback to enhance their professional growth. The goal is to be more intentional about their time in the workplace. Organizations…

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Inclusivity and Beyond Within The Workplace

Inclusivity within the workplace has become a higher priority for organizations, now more than ever. But what does that mean exactly? To be inclusive does not mean to offer small accommodations; it means that companies are giving their employees the freedom to be whoever they are and feel comfortable doing so. The goal is to…

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