Architecture and Human Relationships: They Are More Intertwined Than We Think

As people return to the office and move farther away from remote work, the architecture of the in-office setting is…

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generation z at work

It is Now Or Never: The Key to Retaining Gen Z in the Office

Now more than ever, Generation Z (Gen Z), born between 1997 to 2012, is challenging the standards of the workforce.…

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New Creative Collaboration: Steelcase + Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Drawing on a connection that began over 80 years ago, the two organizations will look to the past to inspire…

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people working and collaborating in an open space with flex products and karman chair

The Hybrid Privacy Crisis

Even before the pandemic, people complained the open plan office was noisy and distracting and it wasn’t uncommon to hear…

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collage image of people using the steelcase karman chair while doing different activities

Go Beyond With Steelcase Karman

As the world spent countless hours on video calls throughout the pandemic, sitting in chairs of various quality, the Steelcase…

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hybrid workplace

The Hybrid Discussion In a Nutshell

The chatter around “hybrid” Workplace While the theory of hybrid work environments has been around for years, the term certainly…

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img-HEA copy

Q+A: Healthcare Market Update

Our Creative Lead, Kyla Burns, reaches out to our internal Healthcare Consultants, Paige Armacost  and Andrea Akin about how they’ve been…

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Webinar: Does the workplace still matter?

Revisit our webinar with Steelcase + LOTH featuring Dr. Tracy Brower: Does the workplace still matter? Join us for an…

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Education Design

Q+A: Education Design in a Post-Covid Environment

Returning to school or campus will challenge every institution to rethink their capabilities for providing blended in-person and remote learning experiences to help create a safer environment for students,…

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L’Oreal 2 copy

LOTH Design Team Shares Insight on Creating for Post-Covid

Preparing for the Now, Near and Far For many organizations, the return of people to the office will happen in…

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